pede in target shirt


Old Timer
Aug 11, 2003
The other day my sister was in Target and she had bought a shirt fir her 3 year old daughter. When she purchased the shirt and the lady put it in the bag my sister noticed somethng curled up on the shirt. It was a centipede and my sister was so surprised that she said "theres a centipede in here" Now she didnt mean for this to happen because she knew that it would have made me happy to give me a pede out of nowhere, but right when she said that a worker got the pede out of the bag and then just steped on it like an idiot. My sister said the pede was a red/orange and about 5 inches long. I got pissed when my sister told me about this and was probably more pissed off then i should have been because i was drinking a little.

Well just thought I'd share that with you guys. I could have had a new pede...