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Pandinus imperator

Discussion in 'Sting Reports' started by MizM, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. arachi american

    arachi american Arachnopeon

    update again +48hrs

    ok so yesterday i just hobbled around all sore and pissed off...lips still tingly and fingers kinda numb.

    today i woke up feeling fine, but my leg swelled up quite a bit. 2" at the calf and 1" at the ankle.




    this particular spot hurt the most at first. seems to be turing into something poppable. havent decided quite what to do. its only swollen below my knee... except my big toe for some odd reason.

  2. arachi american

    arachi american Arachnopeon

    update...9 days. :confused:

    so i've felt fine since my last post 5 or 6 days ago. all my swelling has gone down, and there's no pain at the sting spots other than slight irritation. 3 of them were obviously hit deeper or got a bigger dosage because there's 3 spots that look like this ~4mm across....kinda gross but i tried capturing how they've scabbed over but sunk in at the same time.

    ps-it aint easy to take a picture of the back of your leg with an SLR camera with no lcd screen :D

    looks like a volcanic caldera :D

    to the guy above me....dont let this detract from interacting with your scorpion. this was a "perfect storm" worst-case-scenario type situation. he's very defensive, esp for an emperor, i've been hand-feeding him since he was a scorpling, and he ended up in a tight place being (as far as he knew) attacked by a giant predator. he stayed on my hand while i sat there and inspected the stings right after.

    i'm starting to think i may be the only person in the world to have ever managed to get hit like this. at east in captivity...and while i was awake haha. i dunno, i found the whole thing amusing as hell. i mainly made the report and took pictures because it was so different than everything ive ever read or experienced with this species. i had a good mind to just sleep it off but now i'm glad i documented it.

    no REAL scientific data there but it's a significant incident i think...{D
  3. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    WOW! I'm a little surprised but not as much since I had a bad sting too. They are usually mild. I had one get it's claw stuck in a hole. I grabbed the claw, tried to push it back through, it didn't like that. It was able to reach through the same hole it's claw was stuck in and got me really good on my finger. It hurt and it hurt bad. The uncomfortable tingly feeling lasted about 4 days with that finger, I didn't want to touch anything with that finger. I've been nailed by Babycurus Jacksoni and I would rank the pain about the same(for me anyway). C. vittatus is usually mild but sometimes they can be very painful too. So after being stung really good by an emp, to me the effects feel the same as C. vittatus and B. jacksoni.
  4. Rockstarpets

    Rockstarpets Arachnopeon

    Surprising how varied it is. I have been tagged 4 times and my brother twice, and both had the same reaction- practically none! I bled a drop or two, itched about the intensity of a mosquito bite for around 15 minutes, and then gone. No burns, no marks (outside of blood), no swelling, nada. REALLY super mild.
  5. Reptiloso

    Reptiloso Arachnopeon

    Got tagged by a 3rd instar P. Imperator, initially i felt a schock of pain (9/10) but there were no lingering effects. Little buggers tag hard!
  6. b smithi

    b smithi Arachnopeon

    My scorpion fell in its water dish over night, where i found him in the morning. I yelled a few cuss words, and quickly scooped my little buddy out. He was completely limp, and lifeless. Waterlogged, and quite dead. I held him for a little while, looking at my dead friend, and then he twitched. Then he moved a couple legs. I put him back in his cage under his heat lamp, and watched. He slowly came to life, and started acting all weird. Running around his cage with his claws above his body. I went to pick the little guy up to see if he was okay, and he grabbed hold of my index finger with both claws, and stung me repeatedly, i counted a total of 9 stings!! It all happened so quickly too!! This was the creature that was limp and lifeless only maybe 30 minutes before!! I didnt have any bad reactions, it was a lot like a mosquito bite bump, but after being stung by my undead zombie scorpion, if we all get destroyed by a zombie Apocalypse, you can blame me. :}
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  7. felmor

    felmor Arachnosquire

    Just a minute ago, made a hide for my 4i emperor.. When I about to put move it on its enclosure I tried to make the scorp walk to my hand but it did not. I am busy and I'm studying right now so I tried to pick it up then the scorp tagged me.. It's like a needle tagged your finger, It was a VERY VERY VERY MILD pain, after maybe 30 secs.. It disappeared.
  8. well iv gotten stung 3 times buy my female who is gravid she stung me on the hand, my hand went numb for a day
  9. red fury

    red fury Arachnopeon

    well i've had my 3 emps for a few weeks.... been taged once... dont think he got me with any venom as i didnt really feel much.... last week i opened up their lid to clean their water dish and refill it. anyways when i was putting the dish back in, the small mister bottle i use to fill their water and mist my snake tanks, accidentally banged on the top of one of the hides.... pi$$ing off my male. so he ran out claws in the air, and got me between my middle and ring finger. didnt really notice anything. but his telson tore a tiny flap of skin barely noticeable.... it bled a bit but didnt hurt
  10. satchellwk

    satchellwk Arachnoknight

    I had an emperor scorpion about 5 years ago that stung me once. He was in his hide and I tried to coax him out to hold him...I was kinda asking for it. I felt mild pain for maybe 2 minutes and never minded it again. The funny thing that happened was a few days later. I had a doctor's checkup, and I mentioned the sting to my doctor. A few minutes later, 3 doctors came into the room, including their animal specialist, to look at the sting. I guess noone at the office knew the toxicity levels of an emperor.
  11. PitViper

    PitViper Arachnoknight

    Well, I got my first sting today from a P Imperator, it was a large male, probably around 6", was doing a short presentation for my zoology class, was showing them how to sex them held his tail and held him upside down so they could see, after righting him up and letting go of the tail, he decided to sting me because he didn't appreciate it, lol. It felt like a bee sting and looked like one too, a little bit of swelling and redness withing first couple of minutes, drove home after the presentation and by the time I got home, about 30 minutes later, the sting is barely visible. On a scale from 1-10, it was a 1, but I am not allergic to anything and am pretty tolerant to pain.
  12. ShredderEmp

    ShredderEmp Arachnoprince

    I got stung by my 3rd instar trying to detrmine gender. He got me on the thumb. He just wedged it in there and I watched him pull it out very slowly. I could have not even noticed it had I not been looking. I felt the venom for maybe a minute at most. No swelling at all.

    But hey, its a boy!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2013
  13. Arachnomaniac19

    Arachnomaniac19 Arachnolord

    I got sting by a 1.5" individual. It felt like a small paper cut that hardened then it got a little burning sensation (hardly noticeable) then it got numb for a few minutes. After 30 minutes there was no effects.
  14. I got stung a good 6 times when I owned my three males over the full course of having them. At some points well into their ownership, the scorpions would, funnily enough, use their stingers more as prods to get my finger away if I wanted to pick them up rather than actually sting me. The 6 stings I've experienced, however, were legitimate and not simple prods or dry stings.

    Overall, the first two stings brought me very similar symptoms. A sharp, but extremely localized, stinging sensation upon initial skin penetration, but after about an hour or two, the pain went down. The second instance made a slight bruise just because he was larger than the other two. After the first two stings, the other four instances just started to give me less and less symptoms each time. I think I'm pretty much immune to pandinotoxins at this point lol. However, it's been over 2 years since my last scorpion passed away, so most likely my resilience to them is back to normal, or definitely not what it used to be haha.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
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