P.fasciata and feet.

Vayu Son

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Jul 19, 2002
I just had the privelage of watching my P.fasciata walk right out into the open, position herself acrobatically between corkbark and the side of the tank(so shes hanging mid-air) with her underside to the side of the glass tank.

She then proceeded to undergo a 20 or so minute repeated exercise of preening. First just moving her chelicerae and fangs, and then taking each foot in her mouth individually, placing them under the fangs, and clean/play with it for about 30 seconds each. She repeated this process over the span of the 20 minutes.

Sometimes she would place one foot(telotarsus and claw) and only move One chelicerae and fang(amazing control) and then the other, and then both.

Think i need to get her a pedicure?



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Jul 17, 2002
how cute!
Mine spazzed out last night when I picked up her container, she zoomed around her (wine)corkbark about 20 times in a 5 second time span...it was hysterical. I think she finally got dizzy and stopped!
They are so interesting to watch!
Mine will also catch prey in mid air if I aim it correctly!