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Ornithoctoninae Sp. Laos (Prison Des Abeilles)


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Mar 30, 2008
Ornithoctoninae Sp. Laos (Prison Des Abeilles)

Success!!! Very excited to share this new specie in the U.S. hobby :biggrin:

Breeding took place on approximately 9-15-2012 Sac made 2-26-2013

Breeding: I acquired 2 females as slings and 1 male and raised them up to maturity. The Pen Ult male looked identical to the female until his Ultimate Molt. Another of the most beautiful MM changes I have seen (The specie reminds me of a M. Balfori crossed with an Ornamental):tongue: . Once the 2 females molted and both females were ready to breed (4") I switched them back and forth each twice, the males eagerly sought out the female, and there was only aggression once the females looked gravid. The females hide was small and webbed in the corner of the tank (from my understaning and photos I have seen they are found in mountainess rocks with shallow webbing in between the rocks). Female 1 laid a sac and was a good mom and at 25 days the sac looked great, full, and I took the sac and continued to roll in the incubator for 5 more days. Day 30 I opened to find 56 Dark Eggs with Legs, Day 32 all had molted to 1st Instar slings, & Day 42 all slings (very large and healthy) were at 2i and ready to go! I am waiting to see what female 2 has for us....


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