Oh No!


Old Timer
Aug 7, 2002
i have an about 4-4.5" L. parahybana that molted today....and i was checking on him/her tonight to make sure everything went fine....well everything went great (it grew quite a bit) except for 1 crutial thing. as i was watching him/her i noticed that she only has 1 fang!! it looks like one of them just totally came off!! i dont ever remember hearing about sumthing like this before. I seem to have trouble with my T's fangs b/c my usambara had problems 2.....just not this bad

any help or suggestions?



Old Timer
Jul 19, 2002
It should be back next molt, and it shouldn't have trouble eating since it still has one fang left. If you are worried you can always kill and feed the T some diced crickets/roaches or beef heart. I've read in this and other forums where both fangs get stuck and have been lost in a molt. Feeding them the chopped prey items is what they have to have then, as they can't open them up for their selves until they have them back. I don't think I've ever read of one dying from this condition, unless they were in poor health to begin with... You might be needing a bit more humid condition in the enclosures though around molting time though to reduce chances of this happening in the future