Oh happy day...


Old Timer
Aug 19, 2009
Woke up today,and noticed one of my rufilata had molted,not more that a week after the last one,which was confirmed female.Pulled out the molt CAREFULLY,as to not disturb the T,and sure enough,another female.I bought 3- 2.5 inch ruf's at a LPS maybe 7 months back,and 2 have turned out to be female,1 male.Looks like I might actually have decent timing on this one,as both females are right at 6 inches,and the male is right at 5.Does anyone know about what size the males mature at?Now,I am the LAST person to get so excited over a molt that they post about it,but confirming this last female just made my day,and I had to share,before I grab some breakfast............