Not again!


Dec 21, 2010
My 7.5" Sericopelma rubronitens (normal measure not stretched)...has dropped an infertile eggsac for the second time in a ROW. The first time she was dehydrated and I ended up having to take it away from her...even in a weakened state the beast almost nailed me 3 times even though I had an apparatus the length of a ruler.

I figure I'm going to let her keep this one to see if she consumes it or some immaculate conception happens...but it was around December of last year that this happened, December 19th of 09 roughly. She's been bunkered in for a month so god only knows...she may have dropped this one like clockwork.

Anybody have any idea what might be causing this or have any similar experiences with wannabe mommies? I REHEALLY need to find her a male.

First pic is this years.
second pic is last years.