no hide = fatal?


Old Timer
Aug 4, 2005
i have 8 rosea's. 7 are slings. the adult seldom uses her hide. the slings i have in small containers, some have burrowed, some haven't. the ones that have dont go in the burrow unless they are directly threatened or touched. then they will go hide. otherwise i can carry the container across the room and they usually dont hide.
i have one that i put in a ten gallon tank. it has dug quite a large burrow and any little vibration or light turned on and its gone in a flash. it will run to an inch or so from the entrance and stop. it will stay there unless i reach in and touch it, then it will run into the burrow.
so what I'm thinking and i could be wrong. i know one sling is hardly a test. but it seems to me that the ones in the small containers feel more secure because they dont hide unless i touch them or blow on them. the one in the ten gallon will run till its within easy reach of the burrow and will stop just short of it until touched so I'm thinking when its far from the burrow it feels insecure.
not to say they dont need a hide but that they feel more secure with one and that possibly in small containers they do feel the container is the hide.


Mar 17, 2007
one of my T also has no hide

i also have a b.boehmei, before i used to put him/her a hide but he/she doesnt use it at all unlike my g.rosea when scared it run off its hide..but my b.boehmie just ignore the hide that i provided so after i rehouse him/her i didnt put any hide...she/he seems to be happy coz everytime i poked at him/her he/she just ignores and thinks all the things that fall on the ground is his/her food, so i think it is up to the T if they feel secured in a hide or thinks that the whole enclosure is his/her hide..

but more importantly as an SOP i do put hide and remove it when i feel they dont like it during rehousing only..:?