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Sep 1, 2002
I just got a one inch Heteroscodra Maculata (Starburst baboon) spiderling and i was wondering what an ideal habitat would be for it in my place. SHould I have substrate and branches or anything. I am keeping it in a small plastic strawberry container. Pretty much any info regarding this species would be great. It already ate 3 crickets right out of the box this morning. It has an appetite. How often will it moult at this size on average?

Vayu Son

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Jul 19, 2002

There are pretty quick to hide at this time, and will most likely be burrowing(put them in something with more heighth than length, so that it has the option of both). Id put them in a small spice jar, or something equivalent, with peat/vermiculate as a substrate. If it gets a little bigger provide a small piece of cork for shelter. Humidity should be around %80, but dont be too quick to mist, just make sure they have some source of water every day or so (i like to gently mist the webbing). They are -extremely- fast. Faster than the poecilotheria I keep, and their coloration at this age makes them difficult to find, since they blend in with about everything. Heres a molt record for a sling I have... in the short time ive kept them, they seem to be pretty slow growers.

Heteroscodra maculata "Peep"
recieved from Swift's Invertebrates 5/30/02 spiderling unsexed Ls: 1/2"
molt: week of 6/29/02 new ls: 3/4"
molt: 8/6/02

This could be abnormal, but it is the only specimen i have observed.