New setup...hopefully better.


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Jul 18, 2007
So I decided to completely change my Emp's setup yesterday. The setup I had her in was being more of a pain than anything. The substrate I was using was soaking up way too much moisture (so much that if she burrowed down, she ended up with her own swimming pool). No matter how many times I dried it out, the minute I did anything to keep humidity, it would suck it all up. On top of that, despite my substrate being drenched, RH in the setup was only 70% or so. :?

So...I ditched the soil substrate, and went with the coconut fibre. MUCH better substrate. Stays moist, but not soaking wet. She loves burrowing in it already. I bought her a better water dish, as well as a cave hide. Everything's good so far. I set it all up, left it overnight. Woke up this morning to find RH still at 70%. Bleh. So, I browsed around and came up with a nice setup for the Exo-Terra fogger unit. I've heard mixed opinions on the unit, but I figured...hey...worst it could be is an experience.

So, I set it up with a 2litre pop bottle (with holes cut to allow the fog to spread out), draped it in a fake plant, and set it up on a timer (30 minutes every 12 hours). I gave it a test run and lo' and behold, the RH skyrockets to 90% after about 20 minutes of it running. After the half hour it shuts off, and so far, it's been 2 hours, and RH is still hovering about 85%. If it drops to just about 80% by the time it kicks in next, I should be able to keep an RH no lower than 80%, and no higher than perfect.

So so far, it seems both me and my girl are happy. She's munching away on a cricket right now, and looking pretty fat (possible molt soon?).

I'll post pics later tonight or tomorrow, to show ya'll. :)


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Dec 29, 2006
RH is not a good indicator. Just make sure the soil is moist and you will be fine..RH is air humidity, which isnt as big of a deal..