New Scorps, Help!


Old Timer
Dec 29, 2002
Hey i just ordered 2 Centruroides exilicaudas, and 1 Hadrurus arizonensis. Could anyone give me ideas for housing?


Old Timer
Jan 6, 2003
Well, what do you need to know? basics? First off, depends on where the C. exilicauda was brought in from. Should go will both very similar housing. I use desert sand which was imported with shipments of I don't know what (guy said it came off of something that was imported that day... I got it in Fla., straight off the back of the ship), from israel for most of my deserts. It is, by far, the smallest grained sand I have ever seen and holds very nicely after being dampened and dried. Though you can probably get away with what was mentioned before on this site ... bentonite and play sand. Just give them a good hiding place and make sure the temp is descently high. I keep most of my desert hairies in 20 gal longs... four adults per tank on avg. I keep one side mounted heater and one under tank heater on opposite sides of the burrows. The under tank is only operative when it gets very cold in the basement of the house and the second is off when the temp in the house gets high enough. You shoud be able to go with pretty small tanls if you haven't already, which, I'm sure you have, considering they are already on their way. I'm surprised you waited til' now to do this. I prefer to go through this stuff before I purchase. At least by then, the terrarium has had time to do it's settling of the sand etc.

A little more intense? like what? Centruroides kept seperate? by most people... that's a yes. Hadrurus kept separate? by most people... that's a yes also. What does it feel like when stung? I wouldn't know, nothing has ever been fast enough... except a wasp when I was six or so... knock on wood.

More intense? hmmm... geees your tough.
Wanna know about how big the spermataphor packet is from a Hadrurus? NO, I don't measure them if I don't have to... and I don't have to. lol, but pretty big and looks like *caughs*. How many and the lengths of each hair folicle? No, like I said, I don't measure unless I have to.

MORE INTENSE???? Good grief, you are the hardest person I have ever worked with to satisfy! Just write back if you need anything. heheh.....



Jul 24, 2002
They are both easy scorpions to keep thogh the H.arizonensis is potentially much longer lived of the two.

The H.arizonensis is a desert species. You can keep it on a mixture of mostly sand and a small amount (<10%)of bentonite if you want to allow it to burrow as it would in the wild. Otherwise you can just provide a piece of bark or 1/2 of a flower pot for a hide. The humidity requirement for this species is low (50-60%). Lightly Mist the enclosure about once a month and always provide a water dish which cna be filled weekly. Ideal Temps are in the 80-85F degree range with a 2-3 month cooler period of about 15F degrees lower in the winter.

The C.exilicauda is a rather hot(dangerous) scorpion. I don't know your experience level so forgive me if I sound redundant. Be careful not to get stung as it is potentially deadly. That said, no one in the US has died from this species since 1968. Either way treat it with respect. Keeping conditions are on the dryer side though not as dry as with your H. arizonensis. They generally do not burrow and prefer to hide under bark or some other object. Substrate can be sand with maybe 50% peat or jungle substrate mixed in. Have a shallow water dish that is filled regularly and lightly mist the enclosure every week or two.

Skinheaddave can give more details on keeping this species as he has a good sized colony of them.