New Pets!


Oct 4, 2013
I've been working on my green anole's new cage, a small 18x18x18 for the old little guy. He's at least five years old and doesn't move around much. So, I'm having tons of fun with his new home. Tonight, I ordered myself some new critters. In addition to the springtails, dwarf purple isopods, and Jerusalem cricket, I've ordered myself a trio of Bumblebee Millipedes! I know they do better in groups and I'm hoping to increase the group with my next paycheck.

I've never had them before and I have just a few days to set up several new cages. I'm so excited though! This brings my total species count to ten, not including the mystery mites and little itty bitty bugs I can't id. Bugs are like chips, you can't just have one.