New Nabor Update..


May 14, 2007
Ok so tonight after swimming at the lake.. I cought a whole bunch of HUGE black crickets... well I came home and notice that Tudy Fruti ( that's what I name him/her) was a little on the skinny side.. Well I grabbed a cricket (took it's legs off didn't want it to damage it's BEAUTIFUL webbing) and aimed it to the web.. First hit and she/he was all over it white on rice so to speak.. Now it's just awesome to watch them.. It struck it like lighting fast (my husband was in aw lol at this point) he was all like did you see how fast that little bugger is? I said yeah I know.. All the while we were talking we couldn't take our eyes off it.. Here it goes to wrapping it up in really thick webbing.. I'm guessing it didn't like where it was so it cut the strands and crawled back to the center of the web (the cricket in mid air just dangling) It gets to the center of the web and pulls the cricket foot over foot pulling up the the center where it's at.. gives it a couple of more bites and starts to wrap it end to end in webbing.. The cricket is still moving.. It gets done with the webbing and by that time the cricket is wrapped up like a sweet little cricket supper present.. It now notices us and it seems like it looked our way and waved at us like thanks for the supper mom and dad.. It was sooooo awesome.. I'm going to go back out here soon and see it if it'll take another one.. Sorry I didn't have my cam at the time.. It won't take movies over about a min long.. here's some pics I took before this..