New lizards. Crazy.


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Feb 13, 2007
This guy e-mailed me through Craigslist. He had a male bearded dragon, a male tokay, and a male iguana... ALL IN THE SAME GLASS TANK. On crushed walnut substrate. One heat rock for the lot. No lighting.


Well, I could not take the iguana. It would not have been responsible of me to do so with our own setup and space limitations. I did, however, take the bearded dragon and tokay. We have a really nice established tokay habitat, and we have since made a really functional and nice beardie habitat (with full separators between all three - our two and the new one).

I will reply here in a bit with some pictures.

It has been a few days and everyone is doing well.

Oh by the way, Sanji (our male beardie) has been eating (I have had SO MANY issues with him regarding eating... and his lack thereof). I have him separated, and tried the probiotics. Since then he has been eating more (not as much as I think he needs, but MUCH better than before!), passing poos, and being active.

So here is the temp habitat that we made for our THREE bearded dragons. It is a modified bookcase. We have it securely meshed, with a latching swing door, three (there are three now, only two photoed at the time) heat + UVA/B lamps, and a long UVB light along the side. I have two heat pads behind the unit, covering the left side (basking side) of the cage (not hot to the touch, but nice and warm) and the right side is cooler with water dishes (that they like to sit and Censored in).

The best part? SANJI HAS BEEN EATING! Greens and buggies, and pinkies, too! I think that the separation has helped, the focused heat and UV, and ESPECIALLY the probiotics.


I need to get pictures of the "new kid" (named Zoro). Will post soon (aka - once I find some more batteries for my camera!)...