New life, aswell as Tragedy!


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Jan 5, 2007
;P bet your wondering about the tittle.... ;P

I had an interesting experience recently with my scorpions.... well here goes!

My female Vaejovis Spinigerus gave birth to 35 (at least it may be as Manny as 40 but at least 35) little scorpions! she has had them on her back for oh i dunno about 3 weeks now....all was going well i offered the mother a cricket after the first week and she refused, it just sat there in front of her dead until i removed it the next morning i had tried offering her food on several occasions all different types of food all of witch she refused....all of the lil scorps molted successfully to 2I but she still hadnt moved and her tail was relaxed behind her i thought it was an odd place to sit for a week....but it was my first time breeding these babies so i didnt know if it was an odd thing for her to do or not...well today i reach in with a pair of tweezers and a roach to offer her and i decide to poke her claws to see if she reacts....well wadaya know! she's all limp! dangit she's dead. but her memory lives on...35+ times over

well i am sad at the loss of the mother im excited over all the babies she had! is this a normal sized...clutch? liter? production? assemblyline output? duno what to call it =P but is it normal size? if in for about 100 or so babies give or take....umm...anyone want baby vaejovis spinigerus? they are voracious eaters fast fun wild ive been stung several times but it only tickles and itches afterwards i was stung several times by the same specimin lol...crazy bama...her name is Bama :p

well once again i am waiting on my brother to get pictures! HOPEFULLY i shall have some up of the babies tonight, thanks for reading and best wishes to all!!!