New big T's


Old Timer
Apr 26, 2003
I just went to a local petstore to see if they had anything interesting and suprisingly they had about 8 different species of Tarantula. I picked up one adult G. Rosea 5" and one adult H. Maculata 5", which I think is a pretty lucky find... I've never even seen one of those.

The petstore people said the G. Rosea was a return from a lady who bought it and tried to handle it right after she got it and got a threat posture or maybe a hair kick, something like that. So she returned it and said it was 'too agressive'. But she seems to be the slowest and most docile I've ever seen except for the other little Rosea I have.

The petstore said the Maculata was mean but she turns out to be pretty docile. I didn't even get a threat posture or a leg-tap while I was moving out of her old home and into her new enclosure... These two are now the biggest T's that I have. Others are:

2 A. Avicularia
1 A. Metallica
1 A. Versicolor
1 B. Smithi
1 G. Rosea
1 Angry A. Seemanni
1 H. Lividum