Need survey respondents


Old Timer
Nov 4, 2002
Hi everybody--

I work in the zoo field, and I'm doing a survey of zoos to learn more about what species of tarantulas are being kept, what they're used for, and whether any zoos are breeding tarantulas.

I'm also doing a corresponding hobbyist survey to find out how you guys all feel about the display and educational potential of the tarantula species you own.

If you would like to help me out by filling out a survey, please drop a note to and let me know if you want the survey emailed to you as a Microsoft Word attachment, or if you want a paper copy mailed out to you. (If you want a paper copy, please provide a mailing address!) If you would just like more information, email the same address and I'll tell you all you want to know.

NOTE: Due to the limits of my own time and abilities, I am only surveying hobbyists in the USA and Canada. Sorry to everybody else!

Thanks, everybody, for your time--I'd really appreciate any responses!