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Originally posted by Gail
Yea, I've thought about standup but I have this zit problem lately from all the foods I can't eat because of ingredients I'm allergic to but that I eat anyway and I just don't think they'd be laughing at my jokes - they'd be laughing, but only because I'm a nearly 39 year old woman with red screamers on my nose. Which brings up the thought - why can't these allergic reation zits grow where no one will see them? Why do they always gotta pic the nose or right between the eyes so that it looks like my pineal gland is protruding? Or worse, on my pointy chin so I look like griselda good witch? OK, it's your fault, you got me started. No, wait, maybe it's my fault because I'm so tire and still typing...

Gail Jerry Seinfield pronto.......he could do well with some of your material! ROFLMAO!
BTW, no need for sunblock @ the ATS is my understanding that no one goes out until the sun goes down.....on the other hand you may need some "moonblock" he he he!

Henry Kane

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Jul 19, 2002
Originally posted by Gail
I just got that one Botar, Kuge :8o :D You are both so naughty - I just don't know how I can keep coming here with all this naughtiness!

Yeah? The all this naughtiness and largeness is uncalled for, guys!