mystery molt


Old Timer
Jan 17, 2003
I changed my curly sling into a new container with new unMOLDY (UGH!) substrate...all 1/4 inch of it, last night, and this morning, I had a new sling. It is now a GREY curly and noticably bigger. You can almost actually see it now without squinting. The old skin is, unfortunately wadded up in the bottom of its burrow. I am SOOOO thankful that I didnt cause it any stress or trauma when I transferred it, since I was unaware that it was about to molt. I am also glad that I started a burrow for it so all it did was move right in.
My smithi though, looks bald. It is very very light colored now, and it has whitish clearish fangs. It doesnt look any bigger, but WAAAYYY lighter...but there is no old skin/sign of molt? Nowhere. Not even a lil dirtpile where it could be buried. I am confused :? It is still about 1 3/4" . *sigh*
The parahybana that I got from Bryan (Cronoss) is doing fabulous..has bulldozed a long tunnel starting at one end of the critter keeper down the entire length of the container to the other side and webbed up the entire thing.It has a HUGE dark spot on its abdomen, and I check constantly thinking it will be in a molt.


Old Timer
Feb 22, 2003
wow! i had one the same size when i was 8, it moulted, i was over the moon, so i wentdown to get my dad, only to return to the dog feasting out of its container :<

alas... the poor spider had no chance

i got a free albo' this tuiesday from a girl that borrowed my a.avic' to breed, , shes up for moulting, infact i bet it has now