My Stirmi lady lumps !


Old Timer
May 23, 2012
My AF t. Stirmi decided to emerge from her hide after her first big post molt meal and was nice enough to give me the undercarriage inspection pose.

What has me slightly concerned is the degree to which her book lungs and epigastric furrow are swollen. I've read that stirmi's can be just generally lumpy, and the swelling appears symmetrical, not like a tumor or something, but still, it seems extreme to me. Here are some more shots:

They even seem to wrap around the rear of the leg and it almost looks like it's been rubbed raw.

A little more care detail, I recently moved my two females into their own 20 gallon longs for less vertical height and more substrate depth. One moved into her giant cork round cave immediately, webbed everything off and laid me a dud sac. This one was further along in her molt cycle, but didn't appear to lay down much web, just molted. In the little I was able to spy on her from outside, I did notice a small drop of liquid on the knee of one of her rear legs that looked kind of broken on the last segment pre molt. She responded well to a cricket so I fed her a large hisser roach last week. Probably my course of action whether this is a problem or not is the same: stop worrying and let her be, but I thought it would be nice to see if anyone else has seen this kind of thing.