My Packaging Method for Adult Tarantulas:

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Old Timer
Jun 17, 2007
IMG_4844.JPG IMG_4845.JPG IMG_4846.JPG IMG_4847.JPG IMG_4848.JPG IMG_4849.JPG IMG_4850.JPG IMG_4851.JPG IMG_4852.JPG IMG_4855.JPG My Packaging Method for Adult Tarantulas:

First: Use a suitable size of container and spread cotton balls on the bottom.

Second: Puncture holes on the side of the container and lid.

Third: Use a paper wet paper towel to place on top of the spread cotton balls. Do not wet the paper towel to much.

Fourth: Use a large amount of paper towel for the sides of the container.

Fifth: Wet the paper towel lightly and twist the paper towel.

Sixth: Place the the paper towel in the container till it reaches the top.

Seventh: Use and place a wet paper towel on top.

Eighth: Place the lid tightly on top, once the lid is on the container cut the extra left over paper towels hanging down. Than take off the lid.

Nineth: Transfer the adult tarantula in the container and place a clear lid on top for you to see how the tarantula is correctly placed into the container. Use a spoon to adjust the females or males legs while you have the clear container over the tarantula.

Tenth: Place the lid of the container tightly, than put packaging tape over the lid for security purposes so the lid does not open just in case.

Eleventh: Use batting material inside the styrofoam box to secure the container not move during shipping.

Twelveth: Place the styrofoam lid on top, than use packaging tape to close and secure the box.

Hope this helps for some new beginners. Also there are two containers inside the box that has an adult tarantula in each one. The container is placed on top of each other.

In this case there is no heat pack or cold pack in this box. However when heat pack or cold pack needed, simply place either one on the side corner away from the tarantula container. Place batting material between the heat pack and the container.


Dec 25, 2014
I swear to God I wish to live in the U.S and ordering from you only for this:

that roses stuff fabric you put inside is that 'touch of class' :pompous:

Red Eunice

Mar 2, 2014
Great job on the step by step photos!.
I like the use of the Rubbermaid containers, very durable.


Jan 23, 2017
Thanks for this. I don't have any plans on moving or shipping mine yet, but always good to have an idea of what to do in case.