my new beeding project


Old Timer
Oct 3, 2006
Is there a major difference in between the two. I mean there has to be in for them be classified as a sub species right. Do they not get along with each other. They can still breed with one another right?
I've looked for a while for that anwser, but I wouldn't attempt to breed them. Especially if they're habitats don't intermingle as Ryan says. I don't see nothing good comming from breeding anything but exact species.

If this was a morph, generally you'd be able to breed 2 Lq. and have X amount of one morph, x amount of the other. This would be untrue in the case of a species/sub species, which is how they are classified now. If there ever is a reclassification and the sub species is abolished, then the morph would be creditable, but not until... Plus, you will never see a Lq and Lq mate, and produce Lgh, easier to think of it that way.


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Mar 28, 2006
Thanks Ed. I know that that subspecies of other animals are know to produce I was just curious as to how it would be done with scorpions.