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My Inverts

Discussion in 'Welcome To Arachnoboards' started by MrDeranged, Mar 25, 2003.

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  1. tex

    tex Arachnopeon

    totally confused

    hi, i was trying to do the introduce-yourself stuff but can't figure out what button u push to find where u start introducing yourself -computer-wise- i mean. i'm not a whizz when it comes to this kind of stuff. so maybe this is the REPLY button, i have not a clue where this is going, oh well. i'm obviously a newie to this forum. just got ahold of 3 diff t-youngsters, among them an anthoscurria geniculata, still pretty baby-ish really. question: does a giant white-kneee always & without fail have the same identical color or is there some variation among many different individual t's in color & color pattern? are there subspecies of a. geniculata that have different color patterns? when i got the "giant white-knee, i also saw a t. which was presented as a "white-banded" tarantula. i saw it, it did in fact look slightly different like it had a little more white striping or something. i was also told that "they" did not get quite as big as the "white-knee." then online i found "white-knee" "white-banded" are all diff names of a. geniculata. so what was that other spider i saw??? it WAS slightly different than the one i brought home, the "giant white-knee" whattayathink? anybody got a white-knee or white-banded t.?? thanks, tex
  2. angelseyes

    angelseyes Arachnopeon

    tarantulas:Ceratogyrus bechuanicus

    Hi to ev1, I am angel..I have a curvedhorn baboon male ..if anyone is interested email me at bryn316@aol.com or call me at 314-830-3496 ask for Bryan...Ceratogyrus bechuanicus
  3. xgrafcorex

    xgrafcorex Thread Killer Old Timer

    my ts


    0.1.0 a seemani
    0.0.1 a versicolor
    0.0.1 b albopilosum
    0.0.1 b vagans
    0.0.1 c cyaneopubescens
    0.0.1 c fasciatum
    0.0.1 c schioedtei
    0.0.1 g aureostriata
    0.2.0 g rosea
    0.0.1 l parahybana
    0.0.2 n chromatus
    0.0.1 n vulpinus
    0.0.1 p ornata (suspected male)
    0.0.1 p cambridgei
    0.1.0 p irminia
    0.0.2 p murinus


    0.1.0 c vittatus
    0.0.1 o walberghi
    0.0.1 p imperator


    0.0.1 s supspinipes

    plan on picking up more of the pedes today, and should be receiving about 7 new scorps this week
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2006
  4. Jfrazier614

    Jfrazier614 Arachnopeon

    Small List

    1 Female Avicularia Avicularia Female (Hope)
    1 Unsexed Lycosidae Unsexed (Unnamed)
    2 Funnel Web Spiders Unsexed (Unnamed)
    2 Argiope Trafisciate sp. Egg Sacs
    Hoping to soon expand with more Lycosidae, Argiope Aurentia, breeding pair of corn snakes, a female ball python, 2 tree frogs, 2 leopard frogs, and 2 american toads.

    Long wanted list...just got back into the hobby.
  5. smellyocheese

    smellyocheese Arachnoknight Old Timer

    A very short list:

    0.1 G rosea
    0.1 A avicularia
    0.0.1 H spinifer
  6. laky spiders

    laky spiders Arachnopeon


    hi ! my tarantulas : b.boehmei , l.paryhybana , p.rufilata , nhandu chromatus, b.albopilosum , . my scorpion : p.imperator !! moj kamos ma cez 5 tisic tarantul a ma aj skorpiony a modlivky !som slovak ! ale rozumiem aj trochu po anglicky !!!
  7. My tarantula's :)

    0.0.2 B. smithi
    0.0.3 B. vagans
    0.0.3 B. albopilosum
  8. xVOWx

    xVOWx Arachnoknight Old Timer

    In order of acquirement

    2 Pandinus imperator
    1 Pandinus cavimanus
    1 Babycurus jacksoni
    1 Smeringurus mesaensis
    1 Centruroides vittatus
    1 Androctonus mauretanicus
  9. mick CHETCUTI

    mick CHETCUTI Arachnopeon

    My Australian pets


    Selenocosmia Sarina 1
    Selenocosmia Eunica 1
    Selenocosmia Crassipes 2
    Selenotypus Glenelva 2
    Selenotypus Plumipes 3


    Huntsmans 4
    Trap Doors 4
    White Tailed 2
    Black House 8
    Brown House 2
    Red Back 2


    Black Rock 5
    Little Marbled 2
    Rain forrest 1



    DOGS 2

    CATS 4
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2005
  10. Mark M

    Mark M Arachnopeon

    Mark M

    This is one of my tiny fury friends.

    : Rite know I have two Cyclosternum Fasciata,one female Pterinochilus Murinus,one female Haplopelma Lividum,one unsexed Citharischius Crawshayi,and one femaleLasiodora Parahybana.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2006
  11. wolfpak

    wolfpak Arachnobaron Old Timer


    0.1.0 Aphonopelma seemanni Costa Rican zebra 5"
    0.0.1 Avicularia metallica whitetoe 1"
    0.0.1 Brachypelma albopilosum curlyhair 2"
    1.0.0 Brachypelma boehmei Mexican fireleg 4"
    0.0.1 Brachypelma emilia Mexican redleg 4"
    0.1.0 Brachypelma smithi Mexican redknee 4"
    0.1.0 Brachypelma vagans Mexican redrump 4"
    0.0.3 Chilobrachys fimbriatus Indian Violet 2"
    0.1.0 Chilobrachys sp.probably huahini 3"
    0.1.0 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens greenbottle blue 5"
    0.1.0 Ephebopus cyanognathus Blue Fang Skeleton 3"
    0.0.1 Ephebopus murinus skeleton 1"
    0.1.0 Grammostola aureostriata Chaco Golden Knee 5"
    0.1.0 Haplopelma lividum cobalt blue 3"
    0.0.1 Lasiodora parahybana Brazilian salmon 1"
    0.0.2 Nhandu chromatus White Stripped Birdeater 2.5"
    0.1.0 Orphaneous sp.Negros Dwarf 3"
    0.1.0 Psalmopoeus irminia suntiger 5"
    0.0.1 Psalmopoeus pulcher Panama Blonde 2"
    0.0.1 Pterinochilus lugardi Fort Hall Baboon 1"
    0.0.2 Pterinochilus murinus Mombasa golden starburst 1.5"
    0.1.0 Selenocosmia peerboomi 4"
    0.0.1 Stromatopelma calceatum featherleg .50"
    1.0.0 Theraphosa blondi Goliath Birdeater 6"

    and 100++ Selencosmia peerbomi slings that hatch last month
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2005
  12. Twysted

    Twysted Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I currently have:

    3x Aphonopelma.seemanni
    5x Avicularia.avicularia
    1x Bonnetina.rudloffi
    1x Brachypelma.emilia
    1x Brachypelma.ruhnaui
    1x Chilobrachys.fimbriatus
    3x Chromatopelma.cyaneopubescens
    2x Cyclosternum.fasciatum
    2x Cyriocosmus.elegans (Tobago)
    1x Cyriopagopus.sp (blue)
    2x Ephebopus.cyanognathus
    2x Grammostola.aureostriata
    2x Grammostola.pulchra
    3x Haplopema.lividum
    1x Haplopelma.schmidti (gold)
    1x Haplopelma.sp
    1x Heteroscodra.maculata
    1x Holothele.incei
    1x Lasiodora.klugi
    2x Megaphobema.robustum
    1x Nhandu.chromatus
    2x Psalmopoeus.cambridgei
    2x Psalmopoeus.irminia
    1x Psalmopoeus.pulcher
    1x Pterinochilus.murinus
    1x Poecilotheria.ornata
    2x Poecilotheria.rufilata
    1x Poecilotheria.metallica
    1x Theraphosa.blondi
    4x Xenesthis.intermedia

    1x Albino Boa 4ft
    1x Hypomalinistic Boa 4ft
    1x Motley Boa 3ft
    2x 100% Het Piedball Pythons 3ft
    5x Red Albino Corn Snakes 1-4ft
    2x Snow Corn Snakes 4ft
    1x Rainbow Boa 4ft
    6x Ball Pythons 2-4ft
  13. DragonMaiden

    DragonMaiden Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Heres my List:

    2 Grammostola rosea ~ rose hair (ROSIE & WIGGLES)females 1 proven
    2 A, Avic ~pink toe (SQUIRT & Skitzo) U/K sex
    1 A Hurriania ~ pink toe (BOOTS) M? waiting for molt
    1 Cyclosternum fasciata sling ~tiger rump (STRYPER)U/K sex
    1 Aphonopelma seemani ~zebra (SEEMANI)
    1 B Smithi ~ red knee (MOMASITA)Female w/ attitude

    2 CINNAMON Precious & Baby F/F
    2 SABLE Petie & Angel F/M
    1 MIXED Otto M

    4 Bearded Dragons Tubbymora, Tidbit, Mr Happy & Lightening

    7 P.imperator 1 MALE 4 FEMALE 2 BABIES 2/3 INSTAR
    1 Androctonus amoreuxi ~ YELLOW FAT TAIL (Toxic)
    1 Hadogenes paucidens ~Yellow banded flat rock (Rocky)
    1 Babycurus Jacksoni ~ Rusty tail being shipped this week! yeah!

    :( RIP:(

    GBB, Purpurea, REDRUMP,FIRE LEG & ORNAMENTAL TARANTULAS...List still growing heheh
    TRICOLORED & red claw SCORPS
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2005
  14. ScorpionLuvr

    ScorpionLuvr Arachnopeon

    well i have:
    2 female emperor scorpions adults
    1 pinktoe tarantula 3-4 inches adult
  15. NewGriot

    NewGriot Arachnosquire Old Timer

    my pets

    Bird eaters:

    Poecilotheria regalis 1.1.0


    0.0.1 Androctonus australis
    0.0.2 Androctonus mauritanicus mauritanicus
    1.2.0 Androctonus amoreuxi
    0.0.2 Androctonus bicolor
    0.1.0 Androctonus crassicauda
    0.2.0 Buthacus leptochelys
    1.1.0 Hottentotta judaicus
    0.0.3 Hottentotta jayakari jayakari
    0.1.0 Centruroides margaritatus
    0.0.3 Parabuthus transvaalicus
    0.0.2 Hadogenes paucidens
    0.0.3 Leiurus quinquestriatus (Israel)
    0.2.0 Leiurus quinquestriatus (Egypt)
    1.2.0 Nebo hierichonticus
    0.0.2 Mesobuthus gibbosus

    Whip Spiders:

    Damon diadema 0.1.0
    Heterophrynus gigantaeus 1.1.0

    Other arachnids:

    Latrodectus mexicanus 0.1.0
    Ancyclomedes bogotensis 1.0.0
    Phoneutria nigriventer 0.0.9
    Heteropoda spec. Tanzania 0.2.0
    Scolopendra subspinipes redleg 0.0.1
  16. crow

    crow Arachnopeon


    Hello All,

    I'm Crow and i have

    haitain brown bird eater.
    Cameroon red baboon,
    colombain lesser black,
    female king baboon,
    curly hair,
    rose hair,
    mettalic pink toe,
    martinique bird eater,
    mexican blood leg,
    venezuelan red stripe,
    mexican flame knee,
    mexican orange beauty,
    mexican fire leg,
    mexican red knee,
    green bottle blue,
    brazillian salmon pink,
    feather leg baoon,
    curved horn baboon,

    that's all my t's and i hae many more that i want and will get.
    And i also have

    2 red ear sliders
    sulcata tortoise

    thats it for the cold blood,
    anyways i do hope i can learn more about diffrent T's here its nice to like minde ppl in one place.
  17. MidnightCootie

    MidnightCootie Arachnopeon

    Hi My name is Rylie.

    I have
    0.1 Theraposa blondi
    0.0.1 C. cyaneopubescens
    Lots of Hissers and other roaches
    a colony of Superworms

    Leopard Geckos
    Bald Rat
    Kenyan Sandboas
  18. Arachno-Geek

    Arachno-Geek Arachnopeon

    Well this is my list...soon to growing when i get the chance, and when my breeding projects work out! Enjoy!

    0.0.2 Aphonopelma seemanni
    0.0.1 Avicularia Braunshaunseni
    0.0.2 Avicularia Metallica
    0.0.2 Avicularia Purpurea
    0.0.3 Avicularia Versicolor
    0.0.1 Brachypelma Boehmei
    0.1.0 Brachypelma Smithi
    1.1.0 Brachypelma Vagans
    0.0.2 Chilobrachys Fimbriatus
    0.0.2 Chilobrachys Huahini
    0.0.1 Citharischius crawshayi
    0.1.0 Cyclosternum fasciatum
    0.0.1 Cyriopagopus schioedtei
    0.0.1 Grammastola Aureostriata
    0.0.1 Grammastola Rosea
    0.1.0 Haplopelma lividum
    0.0.1 Haplopelma sp./Selenocosmia hainana
    0.0.1 Heteroscodra maculata
    0.0.1 Hysterocrates gigas
    0.0.2 Lasiodora parahybana
    0.0.2 Nhandu chromatus
    0.0.2 Phormictopus Cancerides
    0.1.1 Poecilotheria regalis
    0.1.0 Psalmopoeus Cambridgei
    0.0.1 Psalmopoeus Pulcher
    0.1.0 Pterinochilus Lugardi
    1.2.0 Pterinochilus Murinus
    0.0.2 Theraphosa Blondi
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2006
  19. Siienceofdeath

    Siienceofdeath Arachnosquire Old Timer

    My T's

    Hmm I thought I posted here already, but looks like I was wrong {D

    My very first two T's are arriving on Friday and I am sooo excited. :} . I was only going to get one T but then fell in love with the picture of another.. so I guess I'm getting two. :razz:

    1. G. pulchra (I keep wanting to spell this pulchea)
    2. C. cyaneopubescens

    I can't wait until they arrive the Gp is 1.5 inches and the Cc is 3/4 of an inch. Awwww sooooo cute!

    Oh btw lol Hi! I'm Michelle!
  20. subzero.xml

    subzero.xml Arachnosquire Old Timer

    This are my friends..

    1. 4 Malaysian Black Scorpions
    2. 1 Mexican Fireleg

    More comming next month..
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