my babies are growing up..


Old Timer
Aug 13, 2002
Hi all,
I know that, in a lot of cases, we can't wait til our t's, plings, or sclings (like that term, Dave and John?) grow up, as it makes it easier to feed. But, I just started this year. I got 2 sling deliveries from Kelly Swift, towards the beginning of Summer.
Today, I just moved all but my parahybana into pre-adult containers. Yes, it will make it easier to care for them, and they have more room, but it seems like yesterday, when I was unloading those teensy vials out of a Swift's box...Ah well..
As I was moving them, I still used a small artist's brush to either ease them into my hand, or, into the new container. (Is it just me or, does everyone here find that even your fingertip is far too large and clumsy to handle little ones?) I realized today how truly unique and fantastic t's are. Also, my tigerrump meandered into my hand, and just stood there. Not wanting to ruin the moment, I sat still.
These are still one of the most beautiful and unique spiders out there, hands down, IMHO. Well, moving them into their "big guy"digs has a positive effect, it will be a lot easier to take pics...:)