Moving in and setting up the house


Old Timer
Feb 13, 2007
She is so cool!

My big Aphonopelma Seemani, that is.

This photo is of her home a few days after arrival and setup. You can kind of see her in the front left corner.

So, she has a tunnel in the back corner, a tunnel in that corner that you can see her in the photo above, two spots webbed up (I have grass coming up in between the mushrooms and in two other spots in the tank, I put seed in when I made the habitat... the new grass is getting webbed up!), and has made a really cool webbed hideout inside of the red mushroom. She has taken to sitting in the mushroom with her two front legs sticking out, so you can see these long striped spider legs, web, and that's it.

My son had his birthday party last night, and there were a ton of parents and children over. She was a highlight... and I am glad that I took the time to make the info print ups (as seen on the tank) for all of the spiders, snakes, torts, etc.

I happen to be the keeper of really cool and sometimes confusing spiders. They do the weirdest things, and defy logic over and over. (My Rose is a big fan of confusing the hell out of me.)

Anyway, Biliku, my A. Seemani, seems comfortable. She has not paced, no dashing, no climbing, etc. She does not "feel" stressed to me, if that makes sense. She is, however, pretty active at night, what with all the burrows and webbing. Has anyone ever given their spidey a good amount of space (like, 10 gallons, which is a lot of space for these creatures) and observed this type of behavior?