Most laid back arboreal?


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May 14, 2006
Hey guys,

So I thought I was ready to finally pick out my 2nd tarantula, right? I had come to the decision that it was either going to be an A. Avic or an A. Versicolor.

Well, the other day at Petco (Where I work), I decided to check out the temperament of one of the A. Avic's we have there. After I gently coaxed it out of its enclosure, I spent a good 30 seconds trying to get it to come onto my hand while it was climbing over the glass of other enclosures, before finally deciding that it was a bit too skittish, and putting it back in its tank.

So here comes the question...Can/do certain Avic's mellow out as they get bigger / grow older, or do most remain on the skittish side for the majority of their lives? I thought about an A. Huriana as another possible choice, but I'm just not sure anymore if I still want to go with an aboreal.

Thanks for your time,


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Sep 29, 2006
even laid back arboreal species like avics tend to be more skittish and faster than their terrestrial counterparts. ime avic slings are more skittish than adults, but this also depends on the individual.

i have one mature female a. spec. that will panick as soon as you open her enclosure, and i have a mature a. versicolor female that will walk around your hand quite calmly if you don't move too much. but she is still more agile than say, any grammostola spec. i own.

still, avics are great arboreals to start with, if not the best. all other arboreals are more skittish and/or defensive. but if you get the chance, buy from a local dealer. thus you can get an impression of the ts temperament before getting a second spider that you might not feel comfortable with.

good luck finding 'your' avic and have fun owning it. they are great ts! :D


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Apr 6, 2005
Can/do certain Avic's mellow out as they get bigger / grow older, or do most remain on the skittish side for the majority of their lives?
Avics as well as other arboreals are lighter bodied than their terrestral counterparts. With that being said, arboreals also tend be quicker in their movements and reactions than terrestrals. There are exceptions but, that is another topic all together.

Also most individuals (Arboreal or Terrestral) will be more skittish when younger because they are smaller in size. Once they get some size to them they start to develop adult behavior. I can't honestly determine a species that is mellow or tame because individual behavior can vary.



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Dec 13, 2005
If you are looking for a good T to own they are both very good Ts for you to have for your collection i would go with the versi but if you want dont want to spend alot of money go with the avic avic.