molting season


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2003
Must be molting season around here.Woke up this morning and looked into my P.irminia cage.I seen an upside down set of legs at the bottom of the cork bark.I thought dead T right away but then seen her legs sticking out at the top of the cork bark.She molted through the night and discarded her skin.That's 4 successful molts in less than a week.She didn't show signs of premolt.She has been active and ate a cricket 2 days ago.My display case is working great.I attribute the successful molts partially to the display case.I can easily regulate the humidity and temps.I keep all(except Brachy's) at appr 80%-85% RH.Brachy's at appr 70%.Temps in all cages is appr 80 dgrs.Seems to help out,especially at molting time.....peace..