Molting colors


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Feb 28, 2007
does anyone know for sure if all tarantulas of each species always molt into the same color when they molt?

let's say two regalis T's are molting at the same time (and they are the same age species and everything is the same) are they for sure 100% both going to be the same color after they molt?

is there there anyway to determine the exact color that a tarantula will molt into if you have already went through the whole molting process with the same species but it an older one?

IF yall do not understand my question let me know..

I'm trying to find out if someone can tell me the exact color my Nhandu Valpinus will molt into after this color stage he is in now...Below is a picture..
I just want to find out what color he will be after he molts if its possible to find out now before he does..



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Mar 8, 2006
Are you trying to determine what the adult coloration of your vulpinus is going to be, or what color changes are going to occur on the way to adult coloration?


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Jun 9, 2005
Going from sling to adult there is no clear cut at "X" size you will have such and such a color. Especially tough with most species where the slings marking/coloration do not look like the adults at all.

Also during a given period between molt a ts colors will fade and change, for example right after a molt my M.mesomelas will be a deep dark brown almost black and the leg markings an intense rust almost red color but by the time the next molt comes around it has faded to a dull brown with the markings a lighter shade of brown. Or the white on my A.genics legs go from bright white to a sort of dull off white.

Best guess from what I've seen of N.vulpinus (mostly at dealers tables and some photos) its going to look pretty much the same, maybe a shade or two darker, which will lighten with time.