mold updates


Old Timer
Oct 10, 2002
ok i cant remember what my last update contained, and well im to damn lazy to look it up, so here we go. all 4 of the remaining usambara slings have molted and show no signs of the mold after 2 weeks. they have been removed from quarantine. one of our recently aquired A. avic slings developed some sort of mold infection also, on the tarsus of 2 legs rather than near the mouth like the usumbaras. the sling is about 3/4", and 4 days ago i began applying funginail to the white moldy area. it seems as though it is working well, the mold is no longer visible. i think ive pinpointed the source of my mold problem. i have been freezing crickets and chopping them up for my slings. certain parts of the cricket, mostly the midsections liquify upon thawing. after i clean up, im sure some of the liquid remains, giving foundation for mold. what makes the mold grow on the t's is still a mystery. maybe some of the liquid gets on the t, and being a young sling it either doesnt clean itself correctly or at all? anyway thats all for now.