Millipede cohabitant for Desert Hairy Scorpion??

Bio Geek

May 14, 2017
Hello Everyone,

I am new to the boards and I have an idea to create an invertebrate Sonoran Desert vivarium. I am fascinated with ecosystems and I am in school studying to be a biologist and educator. The main inhabitant will be a Desert Hairy Scorpion. I am also hoping to have some Blue Death Feinting Beetles because I have read on multiple occasions that the work quite well together. I am curious to hear others opinions about possibly housing either an Orthoporus Gold Desert Millipede or Sonoran Desert Millipede. Has anyone tried or heard of millipedes and scorpions cohabiting? I know that centipedes and scorpions together in a tank have had nasty outcomes. The tank is going to be in a 24" x 12" x 12"/16" (that is a standard 15 gallon or 20 high aquarium). I don't want to start any fights and would just like a civil and helpful thread. (I have also posted this in the scorpion portion as well)


Tanner Dzula

Feb 29, 2016
i cant give you too much insight as I've never done something like this myself, but a buddy of mine here has a pretty large set up that does have Millipedes and Bark scorpions(Centruroides sculpturatus) and a few other types of native species in it. granted his set up is in a custom 250G tank so its a little different then what you have to work with and has enough room for the scorpions and millipedes almost never even encounter each other at all .
and fortunately with us living in AZ we have plenty of specimens to catch around us. 90% of his tank is WC specimens, dirt is able to be collected directly from the desert and we have a large collection of wild fawna available.

i cant speak for desert hairy's as they are notorious burrowers and i don't know how it might end up with the millipede and the scorpion constantly being on the same level in that regards. i only think my buddies set up is truly working is because of how well he has the upper portion set up. he has it so the bark scorpions almost never have to actually touch the ground, and can climb from cactus to dead branch and so forth. when they are on the ground its usually one for a quick moment while they travel over to the other plants or rock structure and climb up.

Nephila Edulis

Feb 27, 2017
Millipedes generally don't taste great so it could work. Especially if the millipede is a decent bit larger than the scorpion.


Old Timer
Nov 25, 2011
While Hadrurus and Orthoporus can be found in the same area, both have different requirements. Hadrurus need things kept very dry with a sand/clay mixed substrate for burrowing. Orthoporus need higher humidity and very humid places to retreat to and must have a substrate rich in rotting organic debris. I wouldn't recommend trying to keep them together.