Micro spiders, cave spiders, jumpers!!! :P


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Dec 8, 2005
spiders w/c i have posted here before but got some dumb pics before, this crap webcam took me an hour before i can zoom it on the desired focus...
the webcam to be blamed is an old over-used webcam vimicro usb pc cam.

pics of the micro spider that was assumed to be steatoda sp.

no pics of the male... he's so over active that when i open his cup he always think that ill drop him again to the female's cup LOL!!!
-sexual dimorphism is that the male is thin w/ long legs and 2 boxing gloves, ive already seen him on action, he uses the boxing gloves to open the genital opening of the female then he runs around, makes a web and then expels some white thing w/c may be some sperm (i dont know the term) then he uses the boxing gloves to absorb it then he goes back to the female and then inserts the boxing gloves inside... :D

the fun part is that i have plenty of females and some are like this... :p

-one more mystery is that if i feed them w/ pinheads they all turn brown or black, but if i feed them minimealworms and fruitflies they all turn to yellow or orange...
woooo... that's weird... :?

another micro spider that has a maroon and shiny spots on the butt, the lighting was from a penlight only so it doesnt show the real color.

and a pic of a spider that ive got from a friend who says that he got it from a cave (ive posted this before w/o pics), he send some of this again to me and i now have a bunch of them and some newly hatched...

and the jumpers!!!

probobly male, the sexual dimorphism that ive seen is the difference between the pattern on the abdomen, the supposed to be male has a single black line on the abdomen that runs up to its spinnerets, while the female has 2 black lines on the side that ends on the spinnerets.

another specimens w/ i dont know if they are on the same specie.

female, she already laid eggs and hatched, i still have the babies and they are all fine.

i have 2 specimens of it but one was eaten by the female mentioned above, the female and this one looks like the same on the positioning of the eyes and of the size of the head.

ill be glad if you guys can ID them :p