Mexican red knee molt


Nov 7, 2010
About 2 months ago I ordered a B. Smithi from my local pet shop. When I picked it up I opened the deli cup and saw a small red knee maybe an inch big happily feeding on a wax worm the store owner had given. After closer inspection I noticed a molt in the deli cup. This Smithi had molted during shipping and was feeding like it never happened.
After owning it a month it molted once again. I posted pictures of before and after. The molt was wonderful the little bald spider molted into a Tarantula finally starting to show color and some leg hair. well a month has passed and I noticed tonight it has molted again. I just missed the act. When I noticed it was happening it was to late. It was on its back still the freshly molted skin laying along side. It almost looks like a tiny bit of the abdomin flap is still hanging on but I am confident once the T rolls over and stands this will fall off. I can't wait to see how much bigger it is after this molt.

6 T's and counting. Only one large enough to to be sexed. Gee they are fun at this age. molt molt molt


Old Timer
Nov 1, 2010
Looks like mine! Just because the molt was in the deli cup, doesn't neccesarily mean it happened recently. I was at repticon recently, and a guy had a pinktoe he was selling that had 2 molts in it's container with it. He had so many T's he didn't really pay attention and remove them. Smithi are so pretty when they start showing color aren't they?