mesobuthus gibbosus


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Jun 16, 2009
hi everyone!

before 4 months i catched this scorpion in south's the day i put it in a glass to carry it to her new home.i didn't know if it wsa male or female.

here it is in a temporary home.
but before 20 days i realized that it was not alone....

yes,she was a mother!

i thought that i was very lucky and i was,but when i saw that they were 23!!
i said ''oh my god!!''
you see,it's my first scorpion an i have no the ability and the 'skills' to take care of 23 of them but i hope it will be not so difficult.

here is the mother without her babies and the babies are alone from now on.
i want very much to see them growing up!
any advice it would be helpful!
sorry for bad english.


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Apr 8, 2009
I'm busy right now, so I have to be brief, sorry.

Looks like you are doing good so far. Keep them all on coco and get rid of moms wood chips. If you keep them together, you will loose some. Separate containers take a little more work, but not much. If you do keep them together, I would add some little cork bark pieces so they can hide and explore.
And keep them full.

Otherwise, you are doing good! :clap: