May I Buy You a Drink?


Feb 25, 2020
thats so cute! lil spider drinking! My spider does weird things with the water. I see it splashing around in it and then going all the way to the bottom of his burrow and using its wet legs to construct it better, then going back and splashing around in the water again!
How cool! What species?
My curly hair loves water. Here's Harry Styles on rehousing day listening to Deadpool read the Wallstreet Journal article on the multitude of impending lawsuits that await Adolf Twittler. (Teehee!!)

Spider Karen disclaimer:
Mommy's scary beautiful fuzzies go stair step up in enclosures. Many times. Just like yours but SOME I experimented with to see if I could successfully raise VERY small slings in an 8x8x8.
OBT Pumpkin and spider resembling angry red head Peggy Bundy, along with Harry have proven
the answer to be, in fact, yes.
Harry has elaborate tunnels under squidwards palace he worked on for easily a year not visible to the eye, but always waiting for a quit retreat when I click that know to offer up the tributes for dinner
Enclosures have 2-3 inches of NON'visible soil and are bioactive.
What u see is the top floor and a coaster custom made for me, for this enclosure and gets squirted with water which he or she..(hmm Harriet Styles...not bad) appears to love walking in and drinking from.
20210127_163829.jpg 20210127_163829.jpg
Fyi: Harry and Deadpool have since moved on to a 12x12x12 Island getaway.
Now sporting Wilson the volleyball 🏐


Aug 10, 2011

A.chalcodes (Roz) decided to come out of hibernation tonight for a drink 🙂