Male P. nigricolor molted out mature upright tonight, but lost pedipalp


Old Timer
Jul 29, 2009
I was concerned when I saw him molting upright and right up against the enclosure wall, and watched but did not touch him until I saw he'd lost a pedipalp. I think he lost it because, while upright, he was leaning too much that side. He also had a lot of difficulty getting his chelicerae and palps out.

When I saw he'd lost the palp, I took emergency action and managed to save another leg that got stuck (had all other legs on that side out and trochanter was stretching to the point where leg was about to pop off). It was scary but I think he's going to end up being alright. He doesn't look like he has any injuries other than the missing palp.

Anyway, my question is whether you think he'll be able to mate with only the one palp (after hardening up and making a sperm web). Has anyone ever mated a male with one palp?


Old Timer
Jun 30, 2007
Yes he can mate 100%. I had MM's that has only one pedipalp that were able to mate successfully. In fact, I need a male right now lol. I have two female that needs a mate. If your interested Pm :)