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Lychas mucronatus


Dec 28, 2010
Hi all,

this will be my documentation to a L.Mucronatus sting that happened approximately 12 minutes ago. I hope this will serve both as a warning as well as future reference to anyone who might be interested.

I have been an arachno freak for the past decade or so and this is the only 2 times i have been stung(1st time was H.Javanensis). I always take extra care and caution when dealing with all my animals, regardless of their toxicity. I have been lucky i got stung by a Lychas and not the Parabuthus in my collection.

To cut the story short, i came back straight from work, took some time to clear some of the cricket remains in all the tanks. I should have cleared my head a little and get a cuppa before doing this i know. When it came to the Lychas (he's my fav so far, very docile and reluctant to sting, i always have to prekill his food), i saw that the fella was in the top of the bark as usual. I reached in to take the bark out and my index finger somehow pressed his body and he stung me, underneath the fingernail. Yes, you heard it right, somehow his sting got underneath my finger.

It HURTS like hell. I have a high tolerance for pain and i have been tattooed for most part of my body. But believe me when i say getting stung underneath the nail takes the cake hands down.

So far, the best part of the pain lasted for about 8 minutes. I am still experiencing a localized pain and the part has a tingling sensation when touched. It's more like a throbbing, buzzing pain in the area. Not as bad as the first few minutes when i had to grit my teeth due to the intense pain.

Swelling wise, not much swelling as far as i can see.

I know the sting of the lychas have been described in better ways. But I believe the reason for my intensely painful experience would be the fact that he got me underneath my fingernail.

I would be posting updates whenever i have them.

I would like to make use of this chance to reiterate what have been said for decades. Always use caution and respect in handling your animals, do not ever let your mind slip, even for a millisecond. It could save your life and the animal's.

Thank you all for reading.


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Localized swelling about 20% of normal size and getting a little numb at the fingertip.

The Snark

Dumpster Fire of the Gods
Old Timer
Aug 8, 2005
The size of the scorpion. Small and light brown
How the sting occured. FAST! Little snorker was sitting on a gate post waiting for me to open the gate
What type of physical damage was caused. Little bitty poke.
What symptoms you experienced. FREAKING OUCH!!!
How long the symptoms lasted. Gone down from above to Hurts, Doesn't it? in about an hour.
What medical attention you received if any. Smonched it with Povidone Iodine and ammonia. Ammonia has no effect so the venom isn't acidic.
Any lingering effects from the sting. Little (2mm) white dot that feels about 1/4th getting hit by a .22 bullet.

Since when are these barstards ambush predators for bike riding homo erectus?

4 hours later the burning sting is now a burning ache within 2 inches of the sting site. Still no edema, redness, general swelling or other.
It was one of these snorkers
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The Snark

Dumpster Fire of the Gods
Old Timer
Aug 8, 2005
Follow up to 9-19-2013
Sting site pain from pressure now almost gone. Small red dot where sting hit. I suspect I took a very full powered sting for the symptoms to have lasted this long.