Luci Update


Old Timer
Mar 14, 2003
I am happy to announce that Luci has finally come down from her perch and settled into her new substrate and setup. She's webbed herself a nice little burrow entrance behind a deep deli cup too. How you might ask did the miraculous happen? Well my Luci is so much happier now that I got rid of the offending cat who was knocking over her tank. And believe it or not it wasn't Mo-Mo. It was a hapless stray I had been harboring all Winter who was harassing my tarantulas. Ever since I got roid ogf the cat everyone has been doing so much better. Oh and to me there's nothing scarier than an H. lividum threat stance when you're tryong to cortral them into a deli cup. But I remained calm and I think Luci respects my bravery (Or stupidity. I don't know which it is.)