Lq stinging prey


Old Timer
Mar 28, 2006
A few days ago my car broke down and i decided go walking to the petshop which is like 40 minutes away. Turns out there were no crix any more so i came home mad and realized that it's been a while since my L.q ate because they just recently molted. It's been a week and a 1/2 sice the molt so i tought they would eat. I found a small spider and offered it to one of the L.q but ( the one that molted MOST recently) and didn't accept. The second deathstalker killed the spider (FAST) but it's not eating just holding it in it's chella. It's tail is still in the air and it just their moionless. I didnt't see the spider even attack but i just find it weird that it's not eating it. hmm Well just sharing a story with you guys.