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Loxosceles reclusa


Old Timer
Mar 25, 2007
About 9 years ago I was bitten on back of calf muscle while sleeping. What started out as a bug bite turned kinda hairy a week or so later. The spider in question The Brown Recluse is unconfirmed but highly suspected by 2 doctors that treated me. I live in Northern Ohio which isnt listed as having them but I have seen them here.

The area started out as small welt then went to an infected mess that drained a clear liquid constantly. If I knicked myself shaving, My face became infected. Any scratch I recieved also became infected. For 2 weeks after bite I was extremely tired and calf burned and knee throbbed.

It took almost 4 months for hole in calf to completely close. To this day the area of bite has a 50 cent piece area that is light brownish in color.