Living "sims"..:)


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Aug 7, 2002
Hi all.
( Long post warning):)

My Earth Tiger has 2 "houses". One in the left corner of the cage where s/he ( 2inch) has made a burrow into the ground.
Now inside the half-buried pot that I have for h/er/im , there's another webbed enclouser in the corner, much more shallow than the one "outside". Maybe "house" and "summer/winter-cabin",:D.
The Earth tiger alternates between them.

This Earth tiger also allows prey walk over h/er/im when light for feeding is not "right", as soon it goes dark the Earth T. sits on top of prey.:)

The "black beauty" Pulchra, 1 inch+ is just digging and a matter of fact the most active T I have.
I just guess everyday in what shape the substrate in the cage will be in today?:D
Right now there is a ski-slope in one corner and a mine in the other corner and when feeding is around s/he attacks like a "cobalt-baboon" type of attack. ( Tomorrow there might big just one huge hole, by the way)

Mr/s. Green Bottle Blue, 1 inch, has made a maze all over the place with web and really "hunts" down any prey that get's in there, I really compare my GBB with my 1 inch+ Emperor scorp'ling in behavior.

The biggest, 2 inch, of my Versicolor must have "grown" out of h/er/is web because s/he ripped it apart the other day after molt # 4 and s/he looked a little bit to big for the old web and s/he has started to get the adault colors on abdomen, darker.

My Suntiger,, I thought gave a to big cricket some day ago, but ohh, no,,I just have a Suntiger that looks like a tick right now:D.
H/er/is house is at ground - level - look - alike arboel hide out, very funny looking. I guess s/he is afraid of heights.
One advantage is that all the crickets gets in there because they run around at ground level and the Suntiger sit at "tree-level", ( s/he "thinks"), but it's really ground level...:)

The Emperor scorp'ling I have,,,, I will not comment,,,, because this little dude managed to dig in a pot so it fell over h/im/er and I have some rocks instead in there now since some time back and soon they might come caving in too. This is a b i g rock formation.
This guy was running after a waaay to big cricket the other day,
( my error), by the way my emperors name is Ricky, well, Ricky was hunting this cricket and couldn't just resist to try this "Godzilla" cricket, like; "I'm gonna get ya".
Running up, pinching it and running away.
Of course I took the cricket out and I had a very disappointed Ricky running all over the cage after that looking for the prey :) I gave h/er/im a cricket that fit.

The medium sized Versicolor 1 inch +, I have, Lucy, s/he hasn't left her web funnel once since I got h/er/im way back in June for feeding by her own because s/he just sits there waiting at the top for me to feed h/er/im with the forceps and s/he "knows when I open the lid because up s/he goes to the top, like: "Feed me, feed me". S/he takes the food straight out of the forceps.

The 3/4 inch A.Avic, Ethel, I have just have had troubles when I feed h/er/im , because I managed, for some reason, ( poor Ethel) to cave h/er/is enclosure into rubble several times, so now s/he does'nt react when I come tumbling around, I guess this T wouldn't react to an earthquake. I guess I had a bad blue print for her start enclosure.:)
This is a completly "cured" A.Avic, that's not skittish anymore:D

The 6 - 7 inch Chaco I have lives a calmer life. She ( yes, she's a big mama) just grab the crickets with one of her legs when they are close enough and shovel them up to the mouth, I don't think she even bites them with the fangs. After that she leaves the spitballs in a nice pile at the same spot all the time for me to pick up:D