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Lasiodora klugi


Dec 25, 2006

I paired the male and female in mid Nov 2010.
When the male was placed in the females cage on November 20 2010.
The female started drumming right away. The male started toward the female.
She drummed,then he drummed. As soon as the male touched the female,she lifted right up. In about 2 seconds the male had an insert with 1 palp. As soon as he was finished he ran like hell.

I removed him from the females cage,and placed Him back in his own cage.
After about a week he made another sperm web.
I placed him back in the females cage. Again the female started to drum.
The male made his way over to the female. As soon as he touched her....Blam!! She ate him.

On Dec 6th 2010 during a big snow storm, the female made an egg sac.
On Jan 10th 2011 I pulled the sac. there was a bunch of eggs with legs in there.
On Feb 24th the eggs with legs started molting to 1st instar.
On may 30th 2011 the 1st instar slings started to molt to 2nd instar.
There was about 300 healthy slings.