Lampropelma sp."Borneo"


Old Timer
Jul 14, 2006
Yes it is described from Indonesia but not from Borneo. Take another look where I said it is described from.

Sounds as if you have indeed been sold the "orange fringed" jobbies from Borneo but as they are often sold as this. Why they have the Lampropelma genus name stuck to them though I can't say? Who was it that gave this spider this genus name? and based on what? Like I said before Lampropelma species (both of them) that have been described have to date been arboreal in nature if you are to beleive the original descriptions, and thease "orange whatevers" are clearly not.

Sure it is "Orange frindge jobbie found all over Borneo" and that is about as good as you will get until someone (Most likely Mr von Wirth) gives them a name and even placeses them in a genus or makes a new genus for them? Time will tell so in the mean time just enjoy it . I personly refer to them all as "sparky" as I like it.:)
Mr Christopher

Oh BTW they are quite average in growth rate around 2-3 years from sling to adult female depending on food and temps etc. Mating so I am told goes smoothly if both are around the same size (small females don't respond so good on the whole so I am informed) and eggsacs contain around 40-60 spiderlings that are big compared to other spiderlings (not quite as big as T.blondi though)
Ok, Thanks for the info:)