Instar galleries? anyone?


Jan 5, 2011
I couldn't resist from getting a P. Imperator today while at the pet store, I have had many of them before but it has been awhile.

This guy is a juvenile. From what I know, by the color and very white colored telson, recently molted and I am guessing maybe 4th - 5th instar... not sure. He's still quite moody and ate as soon as he got into his new home, I was doing a google search for instar stages through the cycles of a P. Imperator and found nothing, so I am wondering if anyone else has links or photos to share of instar stages.

I have to say again though, it's been quite a while since I had a way to comfortably accommodate and keep pets like I used to almost 15 years ago, and it's amazing how much new and detailed information is now available over a mere decade and a half. - This forum has really been helpful for keeping updated on what has been learned in the field over the time I was in limbo.