Old Timer
May 23, 2003
Hey whats up ppl. I just a couple little questions maybe some ppl that know alot more then me can answer, lol. Well, first I would just like someone to answer whether or not scorpion have any kind of indicators that a molt is impending. As where tarantulas butt's turn black, do scorpion's have any kind of indication that they are approaching. Second, my red claw hasn't eaten in about a month and do some other weird stuff and I took a look at him this morning and his upper half of his body{claws and mouth} where his usual dark color. Where is lower half{midsection-tail}was a light light color. Noticably lighter then his upper half. I know that he is a male and not fully mature yet, so in light of this I just need answered, do scorpion have indicators and if or if not my scorpion is approaching a molt or what's going on. Great;y appreciated. Thnx. Peace.