in need of some final advice before i do anything


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Feb 22, 2003

So, my lividum egg is going on for 70 days, so I'm wondering what's happening.. tomorow I'm going to extract it and check on it. What should I do?

I've gathered that I should open up[ the silk pouch a bit and peek in.. then what?

Tip the eggs into an incubator? I've made one but it's pretty primative....

Hmmm... any advice or anything is most welcome


sorry to keep posting


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Mar 29, 2003

probably you should open just a small crack and take a look at what's inside.If they are already fully developed and running around,or if they are at the stage before final moult,you can take them out and put them in a deep container with paper towels at the bottom.The container must be able to hold humidity but also provide ventilation.The spiderlings can be kept together for a few weeks in that container.

If inside there's unhatched eggs,or "eggs-with-legs",seal back the eggsac(try folding the opened edge together carefully,if it can't be closed this way,tape or sew the edges back).For this reason I always open the eggsac leaving 2 edges for resealing purposes if necessary.

In the event it hasn't hatched you must place the resealed eggsac
into the incubator.(Some people take out the eggs and place them in the incubator but I have no experience with this.)The humidity and temperature in the incubator must be at the required level so the eggs won't dry up.(sorry,I can't give any info on this because I live in tropical climate,just nice for hatching).

Anyway hope this helps...