Impending scorpion molt?


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May 7, 2006
My Paravaejovis spinigerus has stopped eating for about three weeks or so, and looks exceedingly fat.(Normally she gets and generally eats 8 crickets a month, but lately they have been lasting much longer than normal) And with the onset of spring in the region, and given the fact she has not molted in my care, I caught her in August of 16, I'm figuring a molt is due.

Can anyone tell how close a scorpion is to a molt like tarantulas?

Now while I've kept scorpions in the past I've never had to worry about molts as either the scorpion was an adult or the mother would protect the babies.

Either way I know I'm going to have to remove the crickets soon. IMG_20170315_194737.jpg IMG_20170315_194708.jpg

And just for fun, some pics of it under a blacklight.

This one is somewhat blurry but you can see how fat it is.

Oh as for a size reference, she is roughly the same size as the small crickets one can buy at PetSmart, so even small crickets will pose a serious threat to her if she is going to molt.
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