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Apr 23, 2004
And this is true as well, of the senior members.

Some may snap back with a "use the search function" to new members undeservedly.

There are some (and you'll know who they are) that are continually posting the same types of questions without even showing the slightest indication of previous research.

And sometimes, older members don't take the time to try and sift between the difference - this is something that certainly can lead to a rift between new and senior members.

I'd suggest to new members that fear being lashed at, to just show that you've done a little research.

For example;

A question phrased like that shows that;
1) You did try and find some answers yourself
2) You value other members time to explain a little bit thereby encouraging them to respond
3) You've phrased your question using reasonable spelling and grammar

That kind of post will generate better responses in terms of quantity and quality... as opposed to:

Ok, that was an extreme example, but I'm pretty certain that you know exactly what I mean. :)

Just some friendly tips on how to engage our members and how to generate the kind of information you're seeking.
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phil jones

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Dec 17, 2006
All of you are right.

I know, seems a strange response from someone not known for diplomacy.

But here's why...
We do need new members and new ideas to keep talking about.


We simultaneously risk shutting out experienced members who are truly tired of the same questions and giving the same answers time and time again.

Whomever said that there are no stupid questions was a liar or a fool.

Which is why the search function *is* generally a solid idea. Think of it as a filter that helps to keep the boards more stimulating but still informative.

We want our members to feel comfortable in asking questions but we also want the members asking them to be putting in the same effort as those that have answered (and are still answering) those inquiries.

This way, we offer a higher-quality experience for all involved from the newbie to the dealer to the field researcher.
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