I am so worried!>!>


Jul 21, 2007
Hi!First of all I am George,I am from Bulgaria,I love animals and have a lot of them.But today happend a very bad thind...
I was holding my little Grammostola aureostriata when she craud on my back.
I asked my mother to tell me where exacktly was my T. But as all women do she picked a paper and as she said taht she only had moved it but she totaly hit my Grammostola aureostriata.Then when i saw my tarantula walking on the ground her last right leg was benting at the end :eek: when i checked her after 15 minutes it was benting again but atleast i saw that she was sticking her hucks to the ground so maybe she was using her foot and it wasnt broken.But i just dont know :? i am very sad :( will this problem end.I dont know if she will proparly use her foot again :confused: will somebody help please /// I am going crazy if something bad happens to her.