hundreds of t.parentia?

The wolf

May 6, 2017
I know what your thinking "*sigh* its an a.gigantia calm down" but just hear me out.

i went on a ride in the south of the uk and in the barns(two or three of them plus about a 70-100 stables)there were hundreds of funnle webs Now as im sure you're thinking only two candidates are likely to be a.gigantia or t.domestica right so i was looking at one of the rather brave spiders and the first few things I noticed it was massive it would be big for a.gigantia,it was very pale so possibly freshly molted,and it had banded legs which narrows it down to t.domestica but it was far far to big for that so the only other option that i know of is the cardinal spider so i went on to look at some more webs and from what i saw they were all the same someone tell me im going mad pics soon im pretty sure they are all immature.
I cant spell at all i try but don't judge me
Edit i just realised i spelt parientina wrong
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