How many roaches?


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Dec 13, 2006
I just fed my B. boehmii juvie her first B. dubia, a teenager roach about the same length and the full body length of the T. For her, my question is, how much should I give? I was previously giving a cricket that size once a week, but roaches are wider and flatter, are they about the same amount of food?

Then for my L. parahybana, who molted last week, so has not gotten to try a roach yet - it was getting 3 large crickets a week. Since the molt, it is much bigger - about 6 inches across the leg diagonal. I was going to give it the extra adult male roaches, but how many?

Also, I have an albino female dubia in the colony, just thought she was kinda cool.


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Jan 5, 2005
instead of worrying about numbers, per se, what i do is give a food item based on the size of the predators fat storage area. on a tarantula this is their booty. so... if the spider has a fat booty i give it a smaller roach. if you are working with a single size of roaches then feeding less regurily will be the same thing as feeding smaller.

not all spiders are going to be the same. some have faster metabolisms and some slower. i have never had a boehmi but i have had a few dif brach species and none of them are exactly greased lightening when it comes to metabolism

if it is a real abberation and not a postmolt then i suspect you could trade a roach head that for something pretty decent... or at least a crapload more dubia


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Sep 17, 2006
I wouldn't advise feeding a T a roach the same size at it though.. can do some damage...

But for the rest i agree with cacoseraph